May 30, 2017

The description of The description of Injustice 2

If you are a fan of superhero games, and especially DC hero, you should not miss Injustice 2 Apk.This game is the next version of injustice Gods Among Us which was released by Warner Bros Entertainment and received positive reviews from players. It is a Fighting game and similar to the gameplay of the Mortal Kombat franchise, which is familiar with players. The difference is probably the Gear system, which allows players to customize the appearance of the character, make a difference to compare with other people.

This is one of the best 10 games in all time and make people be attractive to it. Compare to the last version Injustice 2 game is updated with many new characters, along with new gameplay and interesting graphics.

The features of Injustice 2

  • Gameplay: Injustice 2 new retains the same mode like the version before. In the each battle two super heroes or one evil and one hero will fight each other. The players still control their character who has chosen to attack the opponent with familiar moves such as punching, kicking, and when sufficient strength can make the special attacks that can deal massive damage to the opponent. The player will attack the enemy until he runs out of blood and then you wins. Contrary you run out of blood before, you will die.Although the gameplay is not new, but the producer invests in new characters and lots of unique skills for the character.

  • The character system is more diverse than the previous version, the super heroes, villains also are made with new skills and beauty. Each character has a unique appearance and skill. Players can choose any character to experience this exciting game.

  • Especially Injustice 2 Android possess the 3D graphics background is very beautiful and lively. Players will feel like they are being transformed into a superhero and fighting real life. This game does not make the players disappointed with the effects are created very magical.

Some note you need to become winner

  • Complete all of the goals

When you finish all of the goals, you will have the opportunity to take thư reward. The aim will be fresh everyday so you can receive the rewards as much as possible to equip your character. Moreover, you also upgrade and take them to the bigger battles with more than challenge.

  • Research slang before playing

While you play game, your screen will appear some slang, if you don’t understand these word, you can lose money or be died. Therefore, you need understand their meaning to avoid unfortunately things.

  • Understand the combinations of the character’s moves

The combination is one of the most important part in Injustice gods among us 2. It applies the basic combos with the light, medium and heavy attacks combinations. However, the combo in this game does not need to be able to estimate the exact time, you just press button quickly enough to create a combo. When you have found the suitable combos, you will quickly deal more damage. In addition, in Injustice gods 2, when you perform Jump Attack, you do not have to wait for your character to touch the ground before performing the next move. You only have to hit the next blow, even if you are still in the air. 

  • Pay attention to the surroundings.

When  you stand near an object that you can interact with, it will glow, and a small icon will appear on the edge of your blood column indicating that you can  interact with it. Each character has a different way of interacting, most of the characters will use those objects to beat the opponent. By choosing the right place, you can use the environment to destroy the opponent.

Injustice 2 for Android official Trailer

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Requirements: Android 4.4+
Injustice 2 APK Version History
Injustice 2 Version: 1.4.0

Version: 1.4.0 for Android 4.4+

Update on: May 30, 2017

What's new:

Relive the Excitement of the Wonder Woman movie with two brand new Wonder Woman cards based on the cinematic experience! Gold Tier Mythic Wonder Woman and Silver Tier Amazon Wonder Woman are now available in the game. Powered Supergirl and Entangling Poison Ivy cards are available through Challenge Mode, with a second Poison Ivy card showing up in Premium Chests. Update 1.4 introduces several bug fixes,fine-tuning, and language support for Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

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Bernice 1 month ago

Even though Injustice 2 is so great, it still lacks the balance since many characters have the power more than others.

Erica 1 month ago

I really really like the plot of the injustice 2 game because it creates many different surprises.

Belinda 1 month ago

Have many errors, sometimes my internet is stable, my devices still has noticed having errors.

Daemon 1 month ago

The configuration of the game is high so it is not suitable for many devices. Therefore, it will limit the number of players

Lachlan 1 month ago

I don’t know why when playing, the game lags make me angry. Injustice 2 apk is a good game.

Alan 1 month ago

The game is so great but the graphics and sounds haven’t been good yet.

Jaketa 1 month ago

This game has beautiful pictures