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July 19, 2017

The description of The description of Fidget Spinner

Nowaday, the life is more and more development making the people easy to be tired, stressed. Therefore, they always to find the way to reduce all off thing so that they can feel more comfortable. Fidget toy is one of the interesting toys which is very attractive to many people all over the world.  

The description of Fidget Spinner

The spinner was created by an American, Catherine A. Hettinger in 1992. This invention was filed in 1993 and four years later - in 1997 this patent was officially granted - US5591062A. The patent is valid in the United States and any company that wants to produce and commercialize the product has to pay royalties. This makes Spinner not widely known.

The expiry date of this patent is 20 years. In 2017, the Spinner patent officially expires and is used by many companies in the US with a variety of designs. Since Spinner has become famous and popular all over the world.

Spinner has quickly become popular to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They feel calmer after playing Fidget Spinner.

Fidget Spinner’s shape is like a spinner in order to support people when entertaining and relaxing thanks to its magical revolutions. And especially the publisher of Words Mobile has released a game that we can play this kind of game on our phone. Let’s find the interesting and attractive features of the game!

Fidget toy is composed of the wings running around an axis in the center.

Each spinner can have from 2 to 3 or 4 wings but the most common type is the two wings. The wings are supposed to help the spinner balance. Like the real the spinners, the spinners on the phone also have the same structure so you are very easy to imagine their shape in the game version. And the gameplay is also similar.

With the beautiful 3D graphics, the game gives the players the best authentic experience. It has not only a great graphics but also a smooth control helping the players will not be interrupted while playing.

Spinner is thought to help relieve the stress of those who can not focus on anything or who always use the smartphone, which is not good for their health.

The real Fidget Spinner sometimes helps the student concentrate on their learning instead of using the phone in the class or rotating the pen.

In the modern life, people depend on their smartphone so much, even someone can’t leave their phone. This is too bad because people will not act to communicate with the others and their health will be worse when using the phone too much. The Spinner can be a toy instead of the smartphones and make people become more and more comfortable.

Removing the bad habits, players can spin the spinner to regain composure, reduce stress and restlessness. Many people have left the bad habits after playing fidget spinner.

How to play the game

When joining the Fidget Spinner game, the players will play the same with the spinner in the real life. We can use five fingers to flip this spindle so that it rotates as long and fast as possible.

In each level, you will be received 5 times to spin and then when you fish, you will get the appropriate score. In this times, the faster the spinner rotates, the higher the score you get.

In order to pass the level, the player must accumulate the points specified for each , the score is the point received after each level. And at the end, we will experience a new level equivalent to a new Fidget Spinner. The game will have a total of 100 level and of course 100 the Fidget Spinner completely different in both shape and color.

In the game, you will have 5 swipe to upgrade and spin. When it is reused, wait for stopping and get the different rewards! In addition, you can upgrade your spinner to be able to compete with your friends and defeat your other opponents.

The features of the magic Fidget Spinner game:

  • The Fidget Spinner game has a beautiful 3D graphics making people easy to attract on the game. Moreover, when seeing on the screen, the players can feel happy and comfortable because they are designed quite simple and the interface is quite exciting.

  • People have the opportunity to conquer many spinners with the different shapes, structure and features. Every spinner has brought the new feeling for players, making them more interested in playing. The game has up to 100 spinners, you just try to play to gain the high score so that you can upgrade your spinner. When you upgrade to be higher, you will the have chance to explore many the exciting features of the spinners. we are sure that you will not be disappointed about them.

  • When seeing the spinner with the shape of the fan and moving with the different colors, it is easier to inspire to work or relax. All of the stress will be left behind and everyone wants to have this feeling.

  • You can temporarily forget your bad habits such as turning the pen, shaking the thigh, not focusing on working or learning…

  • The simple gameplay helping the players can know how to play quickly.

Some tips to pass the levels easily:

  • Firstly, you need download this game on your phone

  • Secondly, you need to know how to play the game in order to understand clearly the game. The task of the players is to use their fingers to spin the spinner so that the spinner can spin as fast and long as possible. They will have 5 turns in each time , when ending the system will give the score for you. In the 5 turns, the longer you spin, the higher score you get. Each turn is successful, the bonus you get is so much and you can use them to upgrade the indicators of your spinner such as time, speed, etc. To overcome each level you need to accumulate enough specified points for each level and the score is the number of points you gain after each turn. When you pass a level means that you can explore a new spinner. And we have more than 100 other different level to experience.

  • Finally, you should swipe one at a time, do not spin continuously the spinner until the end, because they will spin at a very high speed and beautiful but will have the low point. And do not let its speed go to 0, when you see your spinner is spinning at a speed of 50 to 100 you should spin the next time. Therefore, the point you get will be very high and have the opportunity to open the rewards.

  • And you need to pay attention the way you swipe, you are no need to swipe too strong, you are just fast and accurate. The faster you spin, the higher the speed of the spinner is.

  • The last important thing you need to know that you should not miss to upgrade the index of the spinner by the bonuses you earn because the time and speed will be improved so the point will be higher and easier to overcome the levels.

Above is all of the information about Fidget Spinner. This game is so interesting! You can try to download and enjoy the game!

Apkfly is very pleased to give some information of Fidget Spinner which game has the best fidget toys. We hope that you will have the great time to play game.

Let’s support us so that we have the best products and ensure that they are always updated will not make you disappointed.

Fidget Spinner for Android official Trailer

Get it on:
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Fidget Spinner APK Version History
Fidget Spinner Version: 1.11

Version: 1.11 for Android 2.1+

Update on: July 19, 2017

What's new:

1. Added 9 brand new fidget spinners to unlock.
2. Added a new game mode - flappy mode. Thanks!

Download APK (9.43MB)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.10.1

Version: 1.10.1 for Android 2.1+

Update on: July 10, 2017

What's new:

1. Moved Free Spin mode to main menu to make it easier to access.
2. Added hot lava in the bottom of Lava mode and fixed some bugs. Thanks.

Download APK (9.12MB)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.10

Version: 1.10 for Android 2.1+

Update on: July 05, 2017

What's new:

v1.10: Added a new game mode - Lava Challenge: Flip the fidget spinner just like bottle flip! Thanks.

Download APK (0.00B)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.8.1

Version: 1.8.1 for Android 2.1+

Update on: June 20, 2017

What's new:

v1.8.1: Added 6 brand new fidget spinners. Thanks for your love of our game!

Download APK (8.90MB)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.7

Version: 1.7 for Android 2.1+

Update on: June 08, 2017

What's new:

1. Added 5 new fidget spinners for you to unlock.
2. Added daily login bonus and fixed some bugs. Thanks!

Download APK (9.08MB)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.6.1

Version: 1.6.1 for Android 2.1+

Update on: June 01, 2017

What's new:

v1.6.1: Fixed some crash bugs in the last update. Thanks!
1. Added 5 brand new types of fidget spinners.
2. Added 7 new backgrounds to choose from.
3. Optimized the performance and gameplay of the game. Thanks!

Download APK (0.00B)

Fidget Spinner Version: 1.5

Version: 1.5 for Android 2.1+

Update on: May 26, 2017

What's new:

1. You can now earn free coins by watching rewarded video.
2. Polished the user interface of the game and fixed some bugs.
Thanks for your support of our game!

Download APK (8.98MB)


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This game helps me reduce stress very good.

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How many levels does the game have? Fidget Spinner Apk is a hot game.

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