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June 05, 2017

The description of The description of Messenger

Messenger Apk is an OTT messeger application for free via 3G or Wifi, 'affiliated' to Facebook. If Facebook Messenger was previously integrated only with Facebook, now it becomes a independent application

Just like other OTT applications, Facebook Messenger allows users to chat with their friends, support for emoticons, animated stickers, share the files, and more. You can make groups and add members to groups conversations. In addition, Facebook Messenger also offers Video Call and Free Call.

Even more recently, this application has become a platform for developers to add more applications. Messenger for Facebook users can send animations or sound clips to their friends.

This app is becoming more and more popular in the smartphone community. It is an app is available for free on all three Operating system:  iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The features of messenger

  • You don’t need facebook account to log in

Contrary to what many people think, you do not necessarily have to use your Facebook account to use Messenger. Everyone can sign up for a Messenger account completely separate from Facebook by downloading the application  and then you just use your phone number to sign in.

  • Login more account for Messenger fb on Android

If your phone or tablet uses  Android operating system, you can sign in to multiple accounts at once using Messenger. In the settings section of this app in Android, the "Accounts" option allows you to add multiple accounts - this is ideal when you want to share your phone with someone else.

Each account will remain private until the owner of the account logs in with their own password. 

  • Messenger is not only to messenger

This application also allows you to make free phone or video calls. To call anyone using this application, click the video or call icon on the right hand side of the top message window.

  • Filter of stranger

If you don’t make friends with them on Facebook, Messenger will filter out those strangers' messages and go to the "Message request" section. In some cases, Facebook will not display those requests because of spams. But you can see these message by clicking "Me" on the bottom right of Messenger, then clicking "People" and then "Message Requests", at last “ see filter request”.

  • Call group

Enter the call icon on the top right of the group chat to call everyone (up to 50 attendees). You can talk to them until you want without paying any cost.

  • Send voice recordings

If you are lazy to write message, you can record your voice to send to friends. It is very convenient.

  • Change the interface of conversation

You can change the text color in the message, rename the group or name of the person you are chatting. You also change the icon by clicking icon near “send” icon.

  • Mute the conversation

When you are bothered by other people talk too much but you do not know how to end the dialogue, you can you mute without leaving within 15 minutes, one hour or 10 hours.

  • Sharing your position

If you want to share your position with your friends you can click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner and click on the "Location" button.

  • Messenger can combine the different applications

When you click on the 3 dots under the dialogue, you will see many more options available with various applications: Dropbox, Bitmoji, etc ... to send files to the person you are chatting with.

  • Create your account and code QR

Nowaday, the use of QR code is quite popular and Messenger has integrated into its application. The users were able to create their own Messenger account and the QR code associated with that account. Others may use this account name or code to add you.

Do you know that download Messenger is completely free, you are not necessary to pay any fees for this app. But you must connect to internet or wifi to use.

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Requirements: Android 5.1+
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Version: for Android 5.1+

Update on: June 05, 2017

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Rachel 1 month ago

What is my date feature?

Eunice 1 month ago

Why don’t you combine messenger apk and Facebook apk in order that we are no need to download two apps?

Madison 1 month ago

I love the sticker in this app. They are so cute and unique.

Bruise 1 month ago

Sometimes, when I am messaging, it is automatically exited. Why?

Samuel 1 month ago

When updating new version, Messenger Apk usually has more than errors.

Charles 1 month ago

This is a useful app to message or call to my friends.

Maria Oil 1 month ago

A great app. You can connect with your friends more easily, anytime, anywhere with your phone.