UC Browser - Fast Download

UC Browser - Fast Download

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May 26, 2017

The description of The description of UC Browser - Fast Download

UCWeb is a leading provider of mobile internet technology and application all over the world. UC Browser, the famous product of UCWeb, is suitable for over 3000 mobile phones forms. In addition, this app is compatible with almost operating systems such as Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Win CE, Java, MTK, and Blackberry.

UCWeb has built the dependent network  in Asia, North America, and Europe, serving users from more than 150 countries and territories around the world. Nowaday UC Browser app has 11 languages to choose including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. As of September 2011, the UC  has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times worldwide, and view pages have exceeded 100 billion. September 2011, with the opening the abroad offices and the first was located in India, UCWeb served the more than better and developed international users.

Nowaday, This smart web browser has a tremendous amount of users with more than 100 million people accessing applications everyday and  has about 600 million users around the world. 

The features of UC Browser

  • Update the notifications of Facebook

This is the first time Facebook has partnered with a mobile browser that allows to update Facebook notifications instantly without using the app or installing any add-ons. This feature is integrated and activated right in UC Browser. Now you can both surf the web and update your facebook just one application. It helps you save time and the capacity.

To enable this feature, you just only log into your Facebook account on the latest version of UC Browser Apk. Then, even when exiting the browser, you can still get notifications from Facebook. Moreover, users can customize the types of notifications they want to receive.

  • The aggregate card of gadget news

The use of mobile devices to update news, video and entertainment is a routine activity for most of us. However, watching news channels, updating new videos or games will take a lot of time. This is the reason for the developers of UC Browser create intelligent news update system that saves time of users significantly.

  • High speed when surfing web

Speed of UC Browser for mobile is very fast with up to 90% data compression reduces internet traffic.

  • Download is very fast

Enjoy high download speeds with the option to resume when interrupted by a network crash, a power failure, or any other reason. UC Browser android also has a smart file manager mode that automatically sorts downloaded files.

  • Nice and balanced interface

The interface of the application is designed quite sophisticated and beautiful. The functions, tools are arranged in a balanced way creating a feeling comfortable when looking and increasing the area of display content. Besides, it also has a rich collection of themes in order to help you select the images what you like to set up background and  bring the fresh colors to the browser. 

  • Surf the web smoothly

Download images and links firstly so that you can open them after that and help the running process is faster

  • Share your favorite sites or content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ simply by clicking the Share button

  • Security Mode: Enable the Secure Browsing to protect your privacy while surfing the web, your browsing history will not be saved.

About UCWeb Also check out UC Browser Mini for Android and UC Browser HD for Android Tablet! Need Support?Join UC Forum: http://forum.ucweb.com/

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Requirements: Android 4.0+
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Version: for Android 4.0+

Update on: May 26, 2017

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Abdullah Sher 3 weeks ago

Uc browser

Maria 1 month ago

Uc browser app is very convenient because we can talk to my friends all over the world.

Iphigenia 1 month ago

When I would like to download anything, I need to be in this pages and can’t log out. I don’t like that! I hope uc browser for mobile will fix it.

Olivia 1 month ago

Every time I want to share my photos or my status on the Facebook, it is usually errors.

Gargoyle 1 month ago

Why can’t I comment on this app?

Jacob 1 month ago

The speed to download some pages is quite slow. This makes me disappointed. I will ussualy use UC Browser app. Thank you.

David 1 month ago

When using this app, the volume is very small.

52159046 2 months ago