Dealers Only Squad

Dealers Only Squad

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August 16, 2017

The description of The description of Dealers Only Squad

★★★Dealers Only Squad★★★ New Harmony of a Strategic Play!

It is one of the most E.A.S.I.E.S.T Game that needs no descriptions or tutorials.

★ Simple But There Sure Are Roles!
Wild Warrior - No Defense Required! I will deal with those big monsters!
Voodoo Spearman - Leave the air attacks to me!
Electric Mage - An expert who blows up a bunch of troublesome archers, with a wide area of effect!
Penguin - I'll earn you gold fast!

Berserk for a while by tapping on the heroes!
You can overcome the battle by choosing when to Berserk your heroes!

★Various Weapons and Weapons Collection
From Normal to Artifact Weapons! Collect various weapons and Level them up!
For every different weapons, various effects and skins are applied!
"There shall be no weapons neglected!
The more you collect, the more you increase your Collection Effect!"

★Returns and Level Ups! New Skills!
Not only endless Rebirth! Return and Level up your Ranks to Learn new Skills!
For each heroes, you can learn 2 Active Skills and 20 Passive Skills!

★Don't want to waste my time with Sleeping! Infinite Battles!
Even after you exit the game, your heroes will continue on battling through stages!
Login the first thing in the morning for your items and gold to use!

"Official Community:
Developer Contact Information:
[email protected]
Get it on:
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Dealers Only Squad APK Version History
Dealers Only Squad Version: 1.45

Version: 1.45 for Android 4.1+

Update on: August 16, 2017

What's new:

Bug fixes and improvements
-Fixed the bug that incorrectly applied "x2 Turbo for 30 Days + Auto Gold Fever" as x1 during PvP.
-Fixed the extra exclamation mark in Guild Chat.
-Fixed the text of Guild Chat so it will be a different color from the Guild Chat background.
-Rankings now show up to 100 ranks.
—Event Notices—
-[PvP Rewards 50% Bonus Event]
●Get 50% more Honor Coins and Gems from Daily PvP rewards!
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