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June 05, 2017

The description of The description of Facebook

Facebook is one of the top of social network in the world and has been popular in Vietnam in recent years. So would you be wondering what is social networking? Social networking means connecting people everywhere when we have an internet connection, where we can interact with each other like chatting, texting, commenting or downloading. Facebook users can talk to each other without worrying the distances.

Mark Zuckerberg created The Facebook on 4, feb 2004. By 2005, he officially launched the facebook app version like nowaday.

Today, this app has more than 800 million users and more than 50% of them use everyday. Besides, it achieve more than 2 billion posts are liked and commented with 250 million photos uploaded daily. And currently, Facebook update supports the 70 different languages all the world.


The features of Facebook

  • Update status, share your photos and videos with your friends. In this mode you can manage the tag, location, time or who can see the post

  • Follow activities of your friends through newfeed. You can also set up notifications of people who you care about when they post anything to Facebook

  • Get notifications when your friends like or comment on your posts or status images you are tagged the name or the posts you comment

  • Find friends easily via phone number, email or their fb name without need have the common friends. By the way, you can look through list friends of your friends

  • Enjoy the games on Facebook application without losing any cost. Many people just online to play game there because they are very attractive

  • Share your live activity with friends by using Live stream Mode

  • Remind your memories of previous years. You can see the memories what happened in the past and sometimes it is the base to see what you did

  • Create your own page, group or event to support for business, study or anything

  • Talk with your friends through facebook messenger by calling or sending message.

  • This app has the capability to recognize face of your friends. When you post any image on fb, the system will tag the name of the person who has the face is the same as in the picture

  • Save the posts or pages you like in order to see again easily. Besides, you may use  the note of features to save your status when you want to write many things and sometimes people are lazy to read. And in this part, you can insert the photos as much as you want to make your note become more interesting

  • Set up the personal information is public or private individual to protect your account from being stolen. You can also change the privacy of your posts such as: only me, public, friends, family,etc.

  • Where people can do business. You can take advantage of Facebook to sale because many people use this app everyday

  • Know who login your account

Facebook allows you to manage your account. Please go to "Settings", select "Security". Then you choose to edit the "Places you're logged in" . You will see all your account login activity there, either from your computer or from your phone. It also helps to give you information about the login address, browser used to login, and device name loginned. If you discover a dangerous device, you can select the "end activity"  to your account automatically sign out of that device.

Apkfly is pleased to provide you with the necessary information for this application. You can download facebook for free in our website but remember that you must connect to the internet or wifi to use the application.

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Requirements: Android 5.1+
Facebook APK Version History
Facebook Version:

Version: for Android 5.1+

Update on: June 05, 2017

What's new: Improvements for reliability and speed

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Brooke 1 month ago

This app is very convenient because we can talk to my friends all over the world.

Euphemia 1 month ago

The Facebook app new version is very bad.

Abigail 1 month ago

Hope the developer of Facebook app will create the mode to again hack Nick.

Bowser 1 month ago

Sometimes, I will not be notified when someone responds to my comment.

Daniel 1 month ago

The adding color features in the post is so interesting.

Daniel 1 month ago

After updating new version, it usually logs out and I must wait to log in again.

Social apk 1 month ago

A leading social network of the world. I think if facebook is number two, no social network is number one.