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April 09, 2017

The description of The description of Miitomo

When you want to share your mind with other people but it is difficult to talk with them, you can use Miitomo apk to express your feelings. This app was produced by Nintendo, one of the major Japanese game makers. It helps users share personal preferences with friends all over the world. The name of the game is combined “Tomo” and “Mii”, “Tomo” means close friend in Japanese and “Mii” is the name of your character. Therefore, you can know this application is to talk with your friends.

Miitomo is like a virtual friend who helps gamers, especially those who are shy about sharing their emotions, to easily express themselves and interact with their friends. Each player will create their own Mii and then respond to character quiz questions posed by the game. Based on your answer, the game will connect and help you communicate with other Mii through social networks. It is said that Nintendo's goal is to towards a new life with the more creative version than Tomodachi Life (released in the Nintendo 3DS Japan in 2013).

Sometimes, you feel bored with your real life, you can transform into Mii, change her hair styles, color eyes or clothing, even you can go shopping for your shopping or go out with other Miis. It is like that you are taking care of yourself. Let’s try to play the app, you will really feel interesting.

The features of Miitomo:


  • Create your character Mii look like you

When you start playing game, you will be choose a Mii and she will follow you in all of time. You will have the opportunity to take care her from the smallest details such as: hair style, color eyes or lips to costume, accessories to recognize your Mii.  Miitomo app will take your photo and transform them into cartoon characters look like you. And then, let’s give Mii a name and begin interacting with her.  

  • The first step to interact with Mii

Now, let’s start making friend with Mii. You create an account  and then she asks you the different question which you never think before so that Mii can know you clearly. Then, you can talk with your friends through Mii.

  •   Change costume for Mii to become the beautiful girl look like you

Because of a  fashion game, you can be to easily mix the clothes or dress for her on your way. In the Miitomo shop, everything is available so you can choose for Mii the clothes styles which is suitable in each situation such as when meeting friends, dating or appearing to take photos. However, many items in the shop is not free, they must be bought by virtual in the game. If you want to possess more items, let’s interact with Mii so much as you can.

  • Get rewards by playing mini games

Miitomo nintendo is not only interaction with your friends but also it is a funny mini-game. Your character will be dropped in the different environments, Mii will run up and fall there and then put in any position. In each landing position, you will receive the different rewards.

  • You can become a Miitomo star in Miifoto

Besides the games, Miitomo apk also has shooting and editing unique photos by yourself or with your friends features with name Miifoto. You can create the unique photos for your Mii by your styles. And then set up them to the avatar in the app. Moreover, you can freely share Miitomo’s cute photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in order that people can see your photos.

Guide to play for the new beginner:

Firstly, you need download Miitomo for your device.

Now, Miitomo app is available both Android and iOS, so you are easy to download without interrupting.

And then we have some suggestions to play the app:

  • Start to play

When opening the app, you will have two options: create a Nintendo account or start without linking an account or you can also make an account later by going to menu -> account  management.

After finishing to install your account, you will get 2500 coins and let’s start to earn points by completing Nintendo’ missions. The points are collected, you can exchange for game tickets and exclusive clothing items that aren’t available in the shop. They will be value for a limited time, so that you need to try to finish the missions faster and earn points to grab them. You can see a list of missions and the rewards you will get after conquering them. Try to get all of them.

Now, we will guide you start without linking an account. After entering your date of birth, you will be created your 3D avatar or Mii. There are two options to create a Mii: using your device’s camera and creating avatar from scratch.

In the first options, your avatar is a cartoon image based on your structure of your eyes, nose, lips, etc. However, you must select a hairstyle because the system can’t replicate your hair when your camera takes a photo at your face. There are many hairstyles, you can select one of them which is the most suitable to you. After choosing your hairstyle, press “Okay” and then take a beautiful photo at your face, the system will make an accurate cartoonish version of the face. Tap “ View Results” to select the one that closely resembles your face and then choose your gender.

And the other option is Create Mii from Scratch. If you don’t like the cartoon version of your face, the app will take you to the avatar creation option where you can create a new face.

After fine-tuning your face and gender, you will be taken to your profile page in order to choose a nickname and its pronunciation. Your Mii will read aloud your name. Moreover, you can also choose a voice from 6 presets or the “?”  if you want to choose a random voice. Let’s scroll down a bit and you can see voice tweaking options and change your pitch, depth, speed, energy and accent of your voice in here.

Next, in the personality, you could create your Mii’s personality based on your temperament or change the way you want. It is divided into Movement, Manners, Attitude, Expression and Individuality.

Once you finish to change your Mii’s voice and personality, tap “Next” the Miitomo Nintendo will give a brief description about your personality based on the information you provided above. Press “OK” and be ready to start Miitomo.

  • Think carefully before answering your Mii’s questions

Your Mii will ask you some question, they will appear above your Mii, let’s tap it and answer these questions. Your question is then shared with other Miis who are your friends. They will alslo share their answer with your Mii and this way both your friend and you will know each other about all of things. You also listen to their answer by tapping on “ My answer” to check questions answered.

Be careful with your answers! Although most questions will not be too personal, they would definitely reflect your personality. You can also skip any question you don’t like and answer later. By answering, you will earn cón as a bonus.

  • How to make Miitomo Friends

To make Miitomo friends, you will have two ways: face-to-face and through social network account ( Facebook or Twitter ).

In the first way, you will be able to add a random person as your friend. But this option requires your location data. Therefore, you need to make sure that you turn on “Location” on your device and then Miitomo apk will search for users who live in the same area. However matching doesn’t end here, you have to continue playing a mini-game where both users have to tap one symbol out of 4 symbols shown on the screen. Then, the app will search for friends who have tapped the samư symbol at the same time. Once matched, you can add them as your friend.

Another way is through social network account ( Facebook or Twitter ). You just tap on the social network icon and log in to a social network to search for friends who use Miitomo apk.

Moreover, when adding friends, you will receive some benefits. One of them is coins or game tickets.

  • Don’t forget to login every day to get daily bonus

You will get bonus every day when using the app. The bonus includes coins, game tickets and candies. You will receive great rewards on some days 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. So you should keep playing and interacting with your Mii to earn some great bonus.

Remember to check your gift box for rewards. Go to Menu -> Gift Box and claim your rewards before expiring.

  • Take part in events

If you participate in special events, such as “ Everybody Answers”, you will receive platinum points for your Mii. So, keep an eye on your Mii to check for colored bubbles and complete tasks. Tap on the speech bubble and answer the question to get platinum points.

  • Play Drop Mini- game to earn prizes

The coins you collect can be used to purchase clothing and accessories at the shop or play Miitomo Drop.  

In Drop, you need to drop your Mii onto Pinball to win prizes such as candies, clothing or coins.

You just need to spend 500 coins or use a game ticket to play. And then use the arrows to move the UFO, once you see the right position, just press “Drop” to drop your Mii onto the platform.

Get it on:
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Miitomo APK Version History
Miitomo Version: 2.2.2

Version: 2.2.2 for Android 4.1+

Update on: April 09, 2017

What's new:

• A "Miifoto Log" feature, where you can post Miifotos or images from your device with comments.
• Answers can now have images attached.
• You can write a Bio for your Profile.
• When sending a friend request, you can now attach a message.
• You can now use the wallpaper and flooring you receive as backgrounds in Miifotos.
• You can change the outfit your Mii character wears when delivering a message.
• Daily items now have selectable color variations.
• Other various system improvements.

Download APK (34.59MB)


Vanessa 1 month ago

I have never use any application to take care my character like that! Miitomo apk is real meaning and happiness.

Lysandra 1 month ago

An interesting application!

Paige 1 month ago

Where I can show my character without worrying that people will laugh at me.

Grave 1 month ago

If I have no friends in the game, can I play the game?

Max 1 month ago

If you can, let’s add more the mini-game in order to get more rewards.

Matthew 1 month ago

I am very happy when playing miitomo app because I can make my own character and take care her.